Thursday, November 17, 2011

Today's post is a Public Service Announcement

Here is a top parenting tip, from me to you:

If, as was the case here yesterday, your toddler has eaten an unusually heavy and sweet afternoon tea (ie pancakes with jam, and popcorn with butter);

and has then, not too long after, eaten a big bowl of pasta with a rich tomato sauce and cheese for dinner;

and has then spent a manic 15 minutes playing Duck, Duck, Goose with you and her sisters, amid much hilarity and frantic running;

it's not the world's smartest idea to then send her to play with her toy stove and plastic food in the loungeroom while you read to the big kids -

unless you want to spend 15 minutes scrubbing lurid orange-coloured upchuck off the carpet, and another 15 minutes doing this:

I'm just saying, is all. Learn from my mistakes.

You're welcome :-)

This post is part of NaBloPoMo. 17 down, 13 to go!


  1. Totally gross. Totally.

    I shall certainly learn from you and attempt NOT to allow this to happen.

  2. Oh yes I've been there with Annie, thankfully did not make the same mistake with Heidi. :)