Monday, January 2, 2012

Dog beach

What to do to avoid:

a) heatstroke
b) cabin fever leading to high conflict
c) lack of physical activity that means poor fidgety sleep

on a day that's going to be 40 degrees or more?

Get out early and take the dog to the dog beach, that's what.

Our dog, Pokey, is still very poorly trained, but has become much better at returning to us when we call, making off-lead experiences possible. The local dog beach - which was already full of owners and dogs by the time we arrived - is a perfect place for him to have a good run, some puppy social time, and for the kids to also enjoy themselves.

Today, we left home just after 8am and the sun was already high (sunscreen and hats were not neglected), had a very pleasant hour and a half in the water, and were back in the car before 10am.

We came home to bath Pokey dog and three sandy children, eat chocolate chip cookies, fruit and chips, and now some TV time for them while I (attempt) to do some work. The house, which has had drawn curtains and is filled with wet sheets hanging up to dry, is still pleasant; we haven't even got our single air con unit on yet.

Often these half-formed little plans of mine fall over with minor or major catastrophes, but, once we actually got moving today, this was not such an occasion. (Mind you, getting out the door in the first place had its moments, as seems always to be the case these days ... that's a post for another day, or, perhaps more accurately, a rant for another day).

Once we got moving, though, it actually worked out well. Pokey was in his element, the kids splashed and shrieked and played amiably with each other, and G and I got to enjoy the cool water and the respite from hot-weather children grumps. Huzzah!

(Now it remains to be seen if I can actually push on with the work...)

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