Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Winners and Answers


My giveaway for season passes to Adventure Park Victoria closed at 5pm yesterday. There were 6 sterling entrants and I found it difficult to choose between you (I wish I had 6 passes to give away :-( In the end, though, I've chosen the following two:

1. Grace of Lachinvasion , which is a very good blog just by the by, who gave me a fascinating picture of a very different childhood summer to my own:

I grew up in Malaysia so everyday is like summer, hot, sunny, humid... but it rains, a LOT. During the holidays, my parents pack all 3 kids at the back of a car and we drive up north to visit the grandparents. It's a 7 hour car ride! We lived in a wooden house on stilts, near the paddy fields. This is our "summer". We spend our days wading through the muddy rice fields looking for tadpoles, playing under the house on stilts with the chooks, dogs and goats, climbing trees, running barefooted, swimming in a river.... aahhh, such carefree, happy days. I wish my three kids could have the same experience. It's so different these days...

A trip to the Adventure Park would be just as awesome! :) Thank you for the opportunity...

2. MichVee, who wrote of a special summer trip to Queensland that was hard saved for and always remembered. Her comment resonated with me as I have similarly warm memories of the Queensland holiday my parents saved for after the death of my brother, which we were able to take due to the kindness of friends who lived on the Gold Coast and let us have their holiday rental unit at a peppercorn price. MichVee wrote:

For me, it would definately have to be the time my parents took us to Queensland. They had saved up for years (being on a disability pension since the passing of my brother made it so difficult to save but they were determined!) We went with a group of about 40, by bus. I remember being violently car sick on the way there. But I remember the immeasurable amount of fun I had, visiting the theme parks and swimming in the resort's swimming pool. More than twenty years later, I can still recall the sun kissing my shoulders, the sand between my toes, and the beautiful time I had.

Grace and MichVee, could you please email me at kathypllrd248 AT gmail.com (replace AT with @, just trying to minimise spam scraping!) by 5pm on Thursday 19th, providing a postal address, and I can arrange for your passes to be mailed to you.


Yesterday I asked some questions about the language of flowers, but although quite a few people read it, no-one wanted to have a guess. Anyway, as promised, here are the answers:

1. The meaning of lavender? Mistrust.
2. What white roses stand for? Infidelity.
3. Which fruit plant means "envy"? Blackberry.
4. Which herb means "good health and long life"? Sage.
5. Which beautiful flower says "truth"? Chrysanthemum.

Fun, isn't it?


  1. I was going to answer but my go-to source (H's website) was down. The page is up today, and states that white roses can also mean "I am worthy of you" - although I accept that the meanings behind jewellery symbolism may not be exactly the same as the language of flowers... http://artofmourning.com/2006/01/17/symbolism-meaning-plants/

  2. Isn't that interesting ... those meanings seem quite dissonant, don't they? I've also seen white roses written as "love forsaken and forgotten", which seems a politer way of saying "infidelity" (or at least in the same ballpark), whereas "I am worthy of you" gets at something else entirely.

  3. Oh thank you, thank you and thank you! :) My mother in law lives in Geelong too by the way, it will be SO lovely to bring the kids there and pop by nanna's for visit(s)! And I will email you.... :)

    *happy dance*