Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday Selections: Sky

Today for Sunday Selections I have dug out some of my favourite photos of the sky.

I love photographing the sky in all its moods - clouds, colour and patterns both fascinate and soothe me. In fact, I find gazing into the sky a remarkably calming activity, and often my response to being stressed out or angry is to go outside, take a deep breath or ten, and stare into the expanse above me for 5 minutes. It sure beats screaming at everyone, that is for certain.

I am also a dedicated star gazer, and one of the few times I pine for a really good camera is when I'm looking at a beautiful night sky without any way to record it.

Still, for now, I'll make do with clouds and rainbows, sunsets and storms.

Kim at frogpondsrock hosts Sunday Selections each week, a meme where people can show some of the many photos we all take that sit around mouldering on hard drives. Have a look over there for more links to photo collections.


  1. Photos of the sky are my all time favourites. I especially like to photograph thunderheads.But I have noticed that I used to get better photos with my point and shoot than I am getting with my DSLR.I will have to talk to someone to find out what I am doing wrong. Thanks For Sharing Kathy.

  2. They are just beautiful. I also go outside and take a deep breath (or six) and look at the garden or the sky. Remarkably soothing, and often very beautiful.

    Thank you. Lots.

  3. I love sky photos, and I totally get what you mean about its calming effect. Even just gazing out the window helps. Lovely shots.

  4. I love photos of the sky, and I totally get what you mean about it's calming effect. Love these photos.

  5. These are so beautiful. The sky...Ahhhh

  6. Your sky photos are beautiful. In fact, 'your' skies are beautiful. We've been having too much of the all grey kind of skies for the last weeks. I almost forgot what a cloud looks like ;-)