Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday Selections: Holidays

Kim at frogpondsrock is running Sunday Selections today, a photography meme where people can display some of the many photos that we all take that just sit around on computers. Today, I thought I'd choose a theme of Holidays and show a couple of favourite photos from each of our family holidays: the Mornington Peninsula (2007), Phillip Island (2008), Echuca (2010), Wangaratta (2010), Anglesea (2011), the Yarra Valley (2010 & 2011) and Gippsland (2011).

This was our first family holiday, down the Mornington Peninsula. A was 3 1/2, and E was 22 months old. I love the tiny girl, giant chess photo a lot.

Our holiday the following year was in Phillip Island. The girls were fascinated with sea creatures (appropriately enough!) at the time and loved it when their Dad found them a crab to look at.

Our first holiday as a family of 5 was in March 2010, to Echuca. The big kids decided that it was the right time to introduce C (then 13 months old) to the joys of ice cream.

Wangaratta was a shorter trip (in July 2010) but great fun, especially as the eldest, then 7, was fascinated with animal skeletons, of which the bush property we stayed at provided many.

Our Anglesea holiday in March 2011 was very relaxing time for us all, and the first holiday of which C has any memory.

Staying at my aunt and uncle's vineyard in the Yarra Valley is always wonderful, and winter mists provide some spectacular morning views.

Our farm / beach holiday near Walkerville in Gippsland last October was, the kids assure me, "the best holiday yet." It certainly was full of a lot of joy and great memories for us all.

So that's my Sunday Selection for this week - family holidays. It inspires me to start thinking more seriously about scheduling the next one!


  1. Hi Kathy and thanks for joining in with me this week. you had added your link to last weeks selections but I have fixed it for you :) I enjoyed your photos. Thank you for sharing your holidays with me. The Spouse is a Gippslander, his Dad's family come from Raymond island and he grew up in Sale.

  2. Whoops, silly me! Thanks for fixing it, Kim.

  3. I loved sharing your holidays. Thank you. Water shots will always make me weaken, but I am with you in really liking the chess pieces. Also the (successful) introduction to ice cream.

  4. Lovely holiday shots. I'm shivering though at the sight of kids in water as early as October. For me, water doesn't come into summer until late January or even February. Even then I'll toe test it first! Because I'm old now. When I was a kid, I practically lived at the beach from November till April.

  5. Well spotted by dad, who either is a GIANT or the crab isn't the biggest example of its species.

    Lovely holiday shots. And I do love the drawing in your header. All those happy, smiley people and beautiful colours ;-)

  6. River - the water was too cold for me, I admit :-) And 6 yo and toddler only lasted a few minutes. Cold-impervious 8yo swam for ages though.

    Carolina - it was a tiny crab, yes! Drawing in the header is by my 6 year old - it's our family.

  7. I love the mist photo :)

    I recognise the chess set. That place is currently for sale and we told Miss 5 we were going to buy it. She was not happy with us!

    One of my friends heads to Walkerville with her kids every Easter. I'm hoping we might be able to join them one time.

  8. Oh, that 'tiny girl, giant chess piece' photo is absolutely gorgeous! I love it. If it were mine, I'd frame it!!

    You and your family have had some great holidays!

  9. Lovely photos and what a gorgeous misty sunrise!