Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday Selections: Miss A's camera

My 8 year old, A, got a camera for Christmas. It's just a little point-and-shoot Olympus, but she is enjoying hugely getting to know it and its capabilities. (The trick filters have been particularly enjoyed by her).

Here is her own selection of a few favourite photos from the past three weeks. (NB There were several good shots of both her and her 6 year old sister, but they decided between them that they'd rather not be pictured full-face in this post. I absolutely respect that, and will continue to abide by their wishes in this regard.)

A particularly likes the drawing filter on her camera, and has taken some charmingly arty shots that make our house look positively pretty :-)

She also likes taking portraits and has a good eye for it.

It's a different world for young photographers these days - I remember my first camera, a little Kodak I got for my 10th birthday that took awful shots unless you were exceedingly lucky, and that you had to pay precious pocket money to develop the film. I'm sure A and her peers are going to be better, more natural photographers than my generation, because they have so many more opportunities to play with the medium.

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  1. I am currently looking at a new camera and see they have youtube & facebook uploads now, but trick filters too? My goodness! I can't remember if my polaroid or kodak was my first camera, but the polaroid film was very expensive so it wasn't used much. i do still have the camera though.

    I like the drawing filter on the bed photo best, and what is the first photo of? It is very intriguing.

  2. That drawing trick the camera does is indeed terrific. Looks like 'real' drawings. I'm very impressed!
    (I'm doing a sort of photography course called 'In the land of the blind...' on my blog now, for SLR camera owners who haven't a clue about how to use the different settings and what they do for you. Trying to keep it simple and fun. Like myself ;-))

  3. These were taken by an 8 year old?!!! They are amazing. When I was 8 we has a boxy brownie that you had to load in the dark and a giant polaroid that took awful pictures. How far we have come.

    I'd love to know the model of that camera.

  4. I also remember the discouragement I felt as a child when I saw that the much anticipated holiday photos were blurry and very very boring.
    We are so very lucky here to have such amazing technology at our fingertips. It makes me very very happy to see Artistry encouraged in a child. Thank you Kathy, not just for this post but for the thoughtful and considered comments on my blog.I am pleased that we have met.