Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Change of scheduling for essay on language critiquing "mummyblogging"

So last Wednesday I posted, in a flurry of enthusiasm, that I was working on an essay about the ways in which "mummyblogging" was being described / attacked / dismissed / minimised, and how this was eerily reminiscent of attacks on other women who speak over time. I was all fired up, and I have indeed been working on it, but:

- it's turning into a long and complicated research project, and I need more time and space to do it justice;
- school holidays;
- work busyness; and
- I have been seriously side-tracked by a new story I've started writing, the main protagonist of which arrived in my head one morning and has refused to be dislodged thus far.

The essay is still coming, but I think it'll be a couple of weeks before it's ready. I'm OK with that, and I hope it will be OK by you too.

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