Sunday, July 8, 2012

Working Music #3: Fuel to the process

Another busy week with work and school holidays, and another set of tunes :-) As of 5pm yesterday, when I sent another bunch of documents off, I am on a break from the project until the kids go back to school on Monday 16th, which will be *so welcome*.

This week, thinking about friends and tweeps who are off to BlogHer in New York, I played my favourite ever song about that amazing city:

I was also chilling out a little with this one:

A little bit of an anthem, this one:

What a debut single this one was:

The Good Son, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds' early album, has been on rotation, including this beautiful, beautiful song. My husband, who has a great voice, sung this song to me on our third date, at which point I was hooked :-)

So that's a wrap from me for a bit. I've got a book review post almost ready which will go up later in the week, but other than that, I'll be light-on for blogging until school and work resume. I'm trying to be as switched-off as possible so I can be switched on with the kids. Have a great one, all!

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