Sunday, July 1, 2012

Working music #2: This week's tunes

I've done a little better carving out blog time this week - 3 posts, woot! - but Sunday finds me out of time again, so I thought, why not put up a few more working songs. If nothing else, I'm building an on-blog playlist for myself :-)

So this week, I've been listening to this:

I actually didn't like this song so much when it first came out, but man has it grown on me.

Also have been revisiting my teens and giving this one a whirl:

The whole album from which this one is drawn has been hammered. It's helped me clarify my thoughts around some of the issues I've had to write on. (Not for the fainthearted, though).

As has the album from which this - my wedding dance song - came:

And for some world music, it's hard to beat Dead Can Dance:

Soundtrack to my week!

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