Sunday, July 22, 2012

Working music #4: Homegrown

Working music this week has been pretty exclusively Australian, and from my teens / university days. It must be all this revisiting the places, preoccupations and themes of my 20s thing, that I'm doing, both as part of my current project and in trying to write a 20-year-old character in my current WIP :-)

The project is in the middle stage, which always feels overwhelming and exhausting. So this song helps:

As for this one: one of the best songs ever. How many farewells to people going overseas for a few years did this one get played at? Answer: A squillion, at least.

Crowded House will always, always have an unshakeable place in my affections. This song is so beautiful, it makes me smile every time.

Of course, the great man himself, Paul Kelly, had to feature:

Twice, in fact.

And OK, it's late 90s and not really the same sort of song, but I like this one. It reminds me of my honeymoon. Really. (It was constant loop on the US radio station we listened to on an 2-day drive through the snow from Niagara Falls to Philadelphia).

I might try to internationalise a bit next week, we'll see!

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