Friday, July 27, 2012

Things I Know: Lucky

Today I know that I am luckier than I deserve to be.

I know that when your car has been making a funny whiney noise for 10 days and you keep putting off getting it checked because you're too busy, that you are asking for trouble with a capital T.

I know that my car could've broken down at any time - on the top of Mt Hotham in a blizzard, when the noise first started, or on the way to a business meeting on the freeway, or while racing back to get my kids from school and creche.

I know that I am every kind of lucky that, instead, it had its fit 2 blocks from home last night, and I was able to coax it into my driveway safely, all kids with me.

I know that it's unbelievably good timing that my husband has a scheduled day off today, so is available to help with the car-wrangling.

I know that kind friends who loan us a second car for the day make life so much easier, and that I'm very grateful to them indeed.

I know that having a good mechanic who fits us in at the drop of a hat is an unparalleled blessing.

I know that, when you're bracing for the worst news (ie "your car needs a new engine"), getting a phone call at 10am to say that all that's wrong is a snapped fan belt and a wonky pulley, and the whole boiling is only going to cost $500 to fix, you do a happy dance across the floor.

I know that we are lucky that this has happened while I'm working, so we can afford to pay that $500 without going into debt to do so.

I know that we are lucky to have a car, and a community, and, obviously, a guardian angel on our side :-)

I'm playing along with the Things I Know meme over at Dorothy's today. Check out the post there for lots of interesting things people know!


  1. Wow Kathy, so many things worked together for good , even in a potentially bad situation.

  2. So glad you and the kids are safe... and that the situation is workable for you! x

  3. That is fantastic news! And yep you have some great things to be grateful for :)
    Love that the car made it home to your drive way ~ that is incredible timing.

  4. I had someone swerve into me recently and drive off. I also count my blessings that I had two children in the car who weren't injured and that despite the $600 excess one of the panels damaged needed fixing anyway.

  5. Hooray for guardian angels!

    Cars are a pain, aren't they? I keep meaning to take mine in to be checked, but of course I keep forgetting. I hope that it doesn't take a complete breakdown before I do.

    Thanks for linking up with Things I Know this week :)