Thursday, January 10, 2013

Month of Poetry #10: On the train

MOP note: I haven't missed a day yet, but poems 7-9 are all not for publication at the moment - one because of its subject matter, and the other two because they are extremely rough and I want time to work on them.

This poem also feels quite raw and unfinished, but I wanted to put it up anyway.

On the train

oh, I don't know, seems to me that
if they wanted to they -
yeah, jus' bludgers, right? I mean I -

gotta dollar, lady? I needa get home, I haven't got the fare

mama, look! lookit! a big roll of grass, out there!
- oh, come down, you'll fall, we're going round the bend

if I close my eyes and sway with the motion no one will see me here
I will melt into the metal skin of this train and be no more

excuse me, young man, but I believe that is a disabled seat

he don' look too pleased about that!
but he moved, though -

are they meeting us under th' clocks?
nah, at the Maccers, you know, the one that always smells like chuck-

oh God, I wish he'd stop crying
everyone is looking at us

hush little baby don't say a word

I reckon we can score at th' station, there's always a guy-
sssshhh you idiot

I wonder how much it would hurt, to step out and embrace it
stand on the tracks with arms wide open and meet the oncoming steel with a smile

not long now, not long, honey-
we're almost there.

- Kathy, 10/1/12

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