Sunday, January 13, 2013

Month of Poetry #13: Another haiku

I'm in a haiku kind of mood today. Still sticking with 5x, 7x, 5x traditional syllable pattern, although I'm going to try a more intricate form soon.


the breath of summer
smells hot and dark, smoke-curled, snarls
with savage intent.

summer storms half-crazed
little rain, and cracking light
a tree lit up, red.

the eucalypts burn
with patience; born to it, they
foresee green ahead.

built things cannot hold
flame eats all, leaves soft charcoal
the sound of keening.

heat in the cities
signals danger in the fields
one match, all aflame.

fighting nature hard,
human malice harder yet.
uneasy days here.

the waiting summer
brings fire in her phoenix wings
terror in the haze.

- Kathy, 13/1/12

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