Sunday, January 20, 2013

Month of poetry #20: Summer, beyond sun

More haiku. Because I love it so :-)

Summer, beyond sun

summer moon rides high
a fat gold coin in the sky
a torch for live nights.

restless, children stir
hair dark with sweat, slick upon
hot foreheads and necks.

gin and lemon fill
nightcap glasses, as the heat
chases sleep far off.

no hibernation
under comfort blankets now,
bare-legged we lie.

the line dividing
day from night trembles, dissolves
melted by hot air.

such nights carry fire
and frenzy in their gift, such
pellucid knowing.

awakening, we
roll, dishevelled, from damp beds
headache in flower.

- Kathy, 20/1/2013

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