Saturday, January 12, 2013

Month of Poetry #12: A Pleiades

Still going with Month of Poetry, and today I decided to try a modern verse form - the Pleiades, developed in 1999 by Craig Tigerman, lead editor of Sol magazine.

The Pleiades is based on initial letter repetition rather than rhyme. 7 lines in length, Pleiades have a single-word title, and that title sets the theme and subject matter for the entire poem, as the initial words of each line must start with the same letter and all be words connected to or suggested by the title.

So I decided to write one called ...


Chasing light, small dancer,
Cabuchon of brittle flame.
Casting darkness a little aside, just a little
Cavernous-mouthed black beyond the
Circle of warm orange. It grows
Candescent, the heart-light birthing
Canticles and chanting, hopes and prayers.

- Kathy, 12/1/13

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