Sunday, April 2, 2017

The week in review, the week in view: Week ended 2 April 2017

It's been another big week - work-heavy and life-heavy. I haven't pulled up magnificently in terms of energy, so I will need to assess what's realistic for the coming month in light of the reaction my body is having to the overloaded March I just had.

That said, I am still functional, don't appear to be actually sick, and am reasonably positive about things despite the fatigue crash, so three cheers for that!

- School swimming for youngest Mon - Thurs (me on helper duty Tues)
- School camp for middle kid (Weds - Fri)
- 5 days of billable work completed, including Sunday (0.5 day client site)
- Personal training
- Cat to vet for check-up and shots
- Gymnastics (youngest), singing (middle) and jujitsu (eldest). (No chess as school holidays start; we wagged swimming for youngest, as she was tired out from 2 weeks of school swim program)
- End of term and early dismissal (Fri)
- Day at Docklands for ice skating, lunch and shopping with middle kid and her friends (Sat)
- Visit to MIL (husband and kids) and departure for sleepover with other grandparents (middle kid) (Sun)

IN VIEW (*I am on leave from work this week and kids are on school holidays)
- City day with eldest and youngest: State Library, ACMI, Mind Games, lunch, fun
- Friends stopping by for lunch (Tues)
- Family outing to see The Lego Batman Movie
- Collect middle kid from her grandparents
- Middle kid: Day horse-riding camp (Thurs)
- Errands and tasks: dental xrays for eldest, purchasing in-cupboard storage systems, visit to uniform shop to purchase winter uniforms, haircuts, purchase flights for Sydney trip, progress passport applications, register cat with council etc,
- Aufruf (Jewish service) wedding for friends during shul service - me only (Sat)
- Wedding and reception at Heide

We haven't assigned days to things except where a booking is required - eg the horse camp - or the timetable is external - eg the wedding! Other than that, we're just going to see which things fit best on which days.

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