Sunday, April 16, 2017

The week in review, the week in view: Week ending 16 April (Easter Sunday)

This has been a bit of a ragtag week, with the kids still on school holidays and me back to working (although in an odd configuration - I did my hours as three 12-hour days instead of spreading it more evenly, including working Good Friday). My partner has had the week off, which has been nice, and very helpful with the kids.

Tomorrow is Easter Monday, then the kids are back to school, and my partner back to work, on Tuesday. I feel like I will miss them being around and simultaneously revel in the silence :-) The week coming up is not an especially overbooked week, as weeks go - I have about 25-30 hours of work to get through, and all regular extracurricular activities are back in play, but there's no unusual commitments or highly pressing deadlines. A week of steady-as-she-goes will be good to kick off the new term.

- 3 days work completed (Mon, Weds, Fri) (0.5 day client site)
- Day in city with eldest  (Tues)
- Bounce trampolining (partner and kids, while I worked)
- Personal training (Thurs)
- Completed travel bookings for September Sydney trip
- Day with friends - BBQ at the park (Thurs)
- Easter eggs and Easter church (today)
- Brother and sister in law's combined family birthday lunch (today)

- Take elder kids and their friend to Cool for Summer show (Monday)
- 3 days billable work ( no client site visits at this stage) - Tues, Thurs, and half-days Weds & Fri
- Personal training
- Gymnastics (youngest) - Weds, jujitsu (eldest) - Fri, swimming (youngest) - Sat, chess (middle) - Sat, ice skating (*middle kid's first week of lessons!) - Sun
- Progress passport applications to next stage
- Book next medical appointments for all providers (vet, dentist, orthodontist, GP, physio)

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