Sunday, April 9, 2017

The week in review, the week in view: Week ended 9 April 2017

This week just gone has been the first week of the term one school holidays. I took the week off work, and although I did answer a few emails and tested a system access, I stuck to not doing any substantive work.

I am back to work tomorrow and my partner is taking the week off work to be primary kid patroller, but I am planning to work three days only this week - Tuesday I am fulfilling a promise to my eldest to take her into town for the day, just the two of us; and Thursday we are catching up with friends and I don't want to miss that.

- Middlekid 3-night trip to grandparents
- Shopping, haircuts and manicures with eldest and youngest
- Friends over for lunch (Tues)
- Family trip to movies to see The Lego Batman Movie (very snigger-worthy)
- Middlekid day horse riding camp (Thurs)
- Errands: Dog and cat rego completed, dental xrays done, winter school uniforms purchased, pet supplies procured, basic clothing replacement items bought
- Trip to movies and Timezone arcade (younger two kids and I saw The Boss Baby, eldest saw Beauty and the Beast)
- Attended Jewish wedding blessing within weekly synagogue service for friends (yesterday)
- Health sporadic for all family members with an assortment of mild to moderate ailments. Fatigue crashes increasing for me.
- Attended wedding at Heide (today - full day)

- 3 days booked work (Mon, Weds, Fri) (0.5 day client site)
- Day in city with eldest  (Tues)
- Personal training
- Complete travel bookings for September Sydney trip
- Day with friends (Thurs)
- Easter eggs and Easter church (Sunday)
- Brother and sister in law's combined family birthday lunch (Sunday)

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