Sunday, April 30, 2017

The week in review, the week in view: Week ended 30 April 2017

This week just didn't go accordingly to plan, but we got to the other side, so there's that. The big disappointment for me was the last-minute cancellation of the Science for Science Fiction Writers conference I was going to attend today - it was postponed due to lack of numbers, and this made me sad.

I also didn't make it to personal training due to a medical test (on my heart) that required me not to do strenuous exercise while being monitored, and I was amazed to find that *I actually missed it a little bit*. I am the least athletic person imaginable and I never would have thought the day would come when I'd think even remotely fondly of exercise. How the mighty have fallen...

Work deadlines trapped me, and I ended up having to postpone lunch with my friend on Thursday, which was not great either.

We skipped jujitsu for the eldest on Friday night - she'd been doing school athletics all day and was pooped, and I had a king-sized headache so was glad to miss the driving.

And to top off the parade of minor woes and niggles - I have a cold, or, as you'd hear it if I was standing next to you: I hab a caud :-( Not surprising as autumn sets in, but still unwelcome.

The week ahead is looking pretty busy, but it does have one bright spot in it, which I just hope I'm not jinxing by listing it here! Tomorrow is also my Mum's birthday, and while I won't see her on the day, I'll definitely be making a point of calling her for a nice chat.

- Mummy and Kid day with youngest (Mon) - This was actually really good fun :-)
- ANZAC Day public holiday (I worked, but husband and kids had day off) - Tues
- 4 days billable work performed (Tues-Fri) - 1 day client site (Weds)
- Heart monitor test for me (Thurs-Fri)
- Gymnastics (youngest) - Weds, chess (middle) - Sat, ice skating (middle) - Sun
- Friend's birthday dinner (middle kid) - Sat

- 3.5 days billable work booked (Mon, Tues am, Weds, Fri): 2 days client sites - Weds with Client A, Fri with Client B
- Parent-teacher interviews for the two high-schoolers - Mon & Weds nights (yes, both!! I couldn't quite squeeze them all onto Monday)
- Second inter-school debate - eldest (Weds night)
- Gymnastics (youngest) - Weds, jujitsu (eldest) - Fri, chess (middle) - Sat, ice skating (middle) - Sun
- Personal training
- Cat's next vet appointment
- Eldest's orthodontist appointment to see if she can stop wearing her retainers in the daytime
- Mental health day off on Thursday, incorporating lunch in the city with an old friend :-)

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