Sunday, April 23, 2017

The week in review, the week in view: Week ended 23 April 2017

This week was the first week of school term 2, albeit a short week (with Monday being Easter Monday). It ended up being a fairly uneventful week in terms of extra or unusual activities (except for Monday itself, when I spent 7 hours with the kids at the Cool for Summer event).

As it turned out, Saturday ended up being atypically and blessedly free, as chess club for middle kid was on a bye week, and the pool that the youngest does swimming lessons in has been closed due to a crytosporidium outbreak. This actually prompted me to do something I had been toying with for a while - I have cancelled the swim lessons for the next two terms, as the 8 year old has been getting harder and harder to motivate, is actually swimming quite well, and last year she missed more weeks that she attended between May and September due to a combination of illness and other commitments. She'll go back to classes in the September holidays (we're thinking of putting her in a week-long swim school intensive instead of weekly lessons) and may swim weekly again in term 4.

Having a free day on Saturday was really nice. We got a fair few house chores done, had some rest and rec time, and I got a jump on the week's work, which was really positive. 60% of us did not get out of our pjs all day :-)

The week coming up is a bit of a hodgepodge, with a curriculum day for the youngest on Monday, ANZAC Day on Tuesday, and my very-much-anticipated writerly day out next Sunday (I am going to the Science for Science Fiction Writers Conference in the city). I also have a reasonably intense workload this week. I am going to try to schedule a mental health day for the week after if I can squeeze one in (my last one was at the end of February, and I'm feeling like I need one).

- Took elder kids and their friend to Cool for Summer show (Monday)
- 3 days work billed ( no client site visits) - Tues, Thurs, and Fri
- Brunch with husband (Weds)
- Personal training
- Gymnastics (youngest) - Weds, jujitsu (eldest) - Fri, ice skating (*middle kid's first week of lessons!) - Sun
- Booked next medical appointments for all providers (vet, dentist, orthodontist, GP, physio) and did tax (boring, but good to get done!)
- Visited the Home Show for bathroom renovation ideas (today)

- Mummy and Kid day with youngest (Mon) - She has a curriculum day and the big girls don't, and I promised!
- ANZAC Day public holiday (I will work it, but husband and kids have day off) - Tues
- 4 days billable work (Tues-Fri) - 1 day client site (Weds)
- Personal training
- Lunch with friend, Thurs
- Gymnastics (youngest) - Weds, jujitsu (eldest) - Fri, chess (middle) - Sat, ice skating (*middle kid's first week of lessons!) - Sun
- Science for Science Fiction Writers Conference (All day - Sun - Me)

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